.rpt Inspector Online now in public beta phase!

We’re extremely excited to announce that .rpt Inspector Online, our SaaS / cloud offering is now in a FREE public beta phase which is open to everyone! Creating a new login is a simple signup process on the https://rpt.inspector.tools website which will also automatically allow you to login to these forums.

Thanks to all the feedback from all participants in the invite only phase, we are pleased to make available the first set of tools focused on Documentation and Analysis which include:

  • Impact Analysis
  • Used / Unused Fields
  • Used / Unused Formulas
  • Used / Unused Parameters
  • Custom Documentation - allowing you to select specific object areas in the report to include in the documentation generated
  • Full Documentation

In the labs is the Change Data Source tool which is the first tool in the Modify tools section and will initially support working with ODBC DSN sources. We’ll be introducing it for your feedback and testing soon (we hope mid July). Now, the following change tools are available:

Update: 2018 .rpt Inspector Online Roadmap

Be sure to read the Getting started with .rpt Inspector Online guide and also the What is and What isn’t .rpt Inspector Online post.

We are eager to hear your comments, suggestions, and requests!