How to ... Find all the used fields or unused fields in your Crystal Reports?

Planning a database table clean up, change, or migration? Want to know which fields are used or not used in your reports?
This can be quickly and easily done using the Used / Unused Fields documentation tool.

  1. In the main reports grid, select report(s) for which you wish to perform this query on.
  2. Click on the Used / Unused Fields tool in the Documentation tools navigator on the left.
  3. Assuming you’d like to know about the Unused field, tick on the Unused fields checkbox.
  4. Now click on the Start Search button and .rpt Inspector Online will analyze the selected reports, finding all the Unused fields and generate documentation showing you which reports and their tables contain those fields. You can then scroll through the list of reports, the fields are grouped by table and report or you to quickly navigate to a specific report, click on it’s title in the Report Navigation list. If the title is blank in the report, its file name will be used in the navigation list.
  5. If you’d like to re-run this tool on the same selected reports but this time on Used reports, simply click on the chevron

    which will drop down the tool’s options, changing to what you’d now like and then click on the Re-start Search button.