SAP CR Version support? Unclear

I cannot concretely determine that this version + is supported by rpt Inspector. The product literature seems to be out-of-date. CRXI R2 for example is an ancient version but that seems to be the ‘latest’ supported when reviewing the product offerings int he online store. The version I have noted here is also old but at least within the last couple years. This inconsistency is worrisome. $395 out of pocket for my little firm of 1 person is a big decision so I would rather be absolutely sure that the latest SAP CR version (including the myriad, mystifying patches!) is supported.


You’ve posted in a forum for a product that is in End of Life (EOL) since 2016 as noted here (.rpt Inspector Professional Suite is now in End Of Life (EOL) status, .rpt Inspector Online is its FREE replacement) as well as various parts of the Software Forces website.

.rpt Inspector 3 Professional Suite - the one that is in EOL is no longer supported and it does not support your Crystal Reports 2016 product.

However, our replacement, .rpt Inspector Online does support Crystal Reports 2016 (see the requirements here: Getting started with .rpt Inspector Online) and is currently available for FREE.

You can get a general overview and screenshots here:
I suggest you also review these:

??? So what do I license if I want to run this locally?

.rpt Inspector Online is a cloud / SaaS solution. .rpt Inspector Online is designed to be run in a modern browser (see requirements). While the user interface of .rpt Inspector Online runs entirely in the web browser, a helper application that runs on your desktop is required (known as: .rpt Inspector Online - Broker) to allow access to your Crystal Reports.

Click here for more details on how it works.

So there isn’t anything to purchase as .rpt Inspector Online is a FREE set of tools at this time.