Renaming formulas in multiple reports

We have been using crystal reports for 30 years and are stuck upgrading to the latest version because of some ‘system’ formulas that affect 3000 reports. There are 13 formulas in each of these that have @@ in front of the formula name - which is no longer an accepted character for crystal. I need a way to rename all these to remove the @@ characters in bulk fashion

@dgray though not a very common request, we do get this every now and again. While .rpt Inspector Online does allow you to make changes to the parameter properties, default values, changing the name is currently not (yet) supported.

I’d like to investigate this a bit with our developers if you can help me out with some details:

  1. What version of Crystal Reports were used to create your reports?
  2. Can you share a sample report which has this issue with the parameter names - without any saved data please. You can DM it to me or email it to our support.
  3. What version of Crystal Reports are you planning to upgrade to?
  4. To do this in bulk, I would imagine that you’d want to specify a replacement character(s) to use so that you wouldn’t need to specify the new name per report. Is there a specific character(s) that you’d be looking to use? Or how do you envision the user experience being to change the names?