Problems activating or de-activating my license due to Proxy or Firewall



I’ve purchased a license and received a Purchase Key. I’ve reviewed the I’ve purchased a license and received a Purchase Key. How do I activate my license FAQ but I’m having an problem with the “SF Product Manager” / “Activation Wizard” communicating through our Proxy or Firewall. What can I do?

There are a lot of different vendors out there that make Proxy / Firewall products. Not all of them work the same. While we make every effort to ensure compatibility with the popular ones, we can’t test them all.

The Internet Connection we make during the activation or de-activation is done via the standard HTTP (port 80) protocol and HTTPS / SSL (port 443) protocol. You use HTTP via port 80 every time you visit a web site. And when making purchases in on-line stores those are typically secured with HTTPS / SSL on port 443.

We do not use any proprietary non-standard ports. However, some Proxy / Firewall systems require for the application or browser to have the user login or re-login (typically after a certain idle period). Some monitor the actual communications and content that is being sent or received.

If you’re tried to use the “SF Product Manager” / “Activation Wizard” and left the setting “Automatically detect” in the Proxy / Firewall area of the Internet Activation process then try un-checking this option and specifying the requested information and try making the connection. If however you’ve previously un-checked the “Automatically detect” setting, then try to check it and making the connection.

If both of above suggestions fail, we’ve also seen the following help:

  1. On the “Connection Info” screen, before proceeding further, start your Internet Explorer (IE). And yes, it should be Internet Explorer not another browser.
  2. Then when it loads up, go to a web site that is outside of your company and is not likely to be cached (i.e.
  3. Proceed with the remainder of the wizard.

Step 2 above opens a browser session that the wizard will try to reuse.

If above suggestions fail
If above suggestions fail, then you should try doing an E-mail activation as described in I’ve purchased a license and received a Purchase Key. How do I activate my license or contact your Administrator to assist, perhaps allowing your workstation to be temporarily moved outside of the Proxy / Firewall.

Note that DE-ACTIVATION / MOVE/TRANSFER license does require an internet connection to work properly in the “SF Product Manager” / “Activation Wizard”.