Improvements to frontend and exporting of parameter default values

We continue to improve the usability and performance of .rpt Inspector Online. This latest effort mostly focused on the frontend. This time-around we squashed 49 bugs in the process.

You should notice overall performance improvements in loading of the application and performance improvements to the grids.

New features:

  • Parameter Editor tool now supports exporting of Parameter Default values as .CSV and .JSON formats.
  • We’ve resolved a long standing request to login directly to these Forums. If you’re already logged in to .rpt Inspector Online, then visiting the forums automatically leverages SSO. However if you’re not already logged in to .rpt Inspector Online and you visit the forums, you can now click on the forums login link at the top which will automatically direct you to the familiar .rpt Inspector Online login page and after successful authentication you will be directly logged in to the forums.
    Note: SSO is still used in this case so as long as your login has not expired, you won’t need to authenticate to .rpt Inspector Online a second time when you visit the application.