Change Data Source ODBC Only Option with Online product

I did not see comparable documentation or blog topics, but maybe I’m missing it. Why in the desktop tool does the change data source wizard allow a change to OLE DB source, but this option is not available in the online product. The reports uploaded successfully but the ONLY “Destination Data Source Connectivity to use” is ODBC.

This solution does not work for us as our security protocol requires Windows Authentication OLE DB SQL Server data source.

Any suggestions?

As noted in other posts (i.e. What is and What isn’t .rpt Inspector Online) , we’re not at feature parity to the desktop versions but continue to work towards that where possible. It may be helpful for you to review Change Data Source via ODBC DSN tool now available which states that ODBC is the first connectivity method we’ve implemented.

@zyskats3 while adding OLE DB support is on our 2018 roadmap, since until your post, we haven’t received a request / interest in OLE DB yet, so it’s not been a priority. We do want to get features our users are most interested implemented first (where possible). So if you’re interested, we’d love to work with you and get it added.

To start, it would be helpful to know about the source and destination:

  • What is the database of the source?
    • version?
  • What is the database of the destination?
    • version?


  • If you know, and can provide what the connection string is on the source and destination?
  • Do all of your reports use Windows Authentication?
  • What is the version that your Crystal Reports are saved in?
  • Can you provide us with sample reports (minimum of 2) and a sample destination database?

@zyskats3 happy to inform you that we now support changing the data source via OLE DB which includes changing the provider and database. See the announcement: Crystal Reports Change Data Source via OLE DB tool now available. Also now a Crystal Reports Change Database tool for ODBC and OLE DB