With many updates, we're finally opening public beta in a few days

Thank you for your patience and those of you that have been privately working with us (an extra big thank you to you)!

We’re thrilled to finally achieve this milestone! Though we had hoped it would be earlier in June for the open public beta, barring any unforeseen last minute issues we are now targeting end of next week for a major version update to the servers at which time sign up will be open to all.

Once the update lands, here’s what to expect::

  • The new broker is now faster, though it’s by about 10% and has some debug code in there, we think we can improve it much further in future releases as it stabilizes
  • Sub-reports are now supported and now pulled in with all their objects and properties though we’re still working out the integration with the reports grid and documentation tools. For now you can select them in the reports grid directly as any other report and use the tools on them.
  • The portal has gone through a massive re-write taking advantage of the Single Page Application (SPA) frameworks and the popup dialogs the tools previously used are gone. This should now also make for a better and easier mobile / tablet / touchscreen experience.
  • The documentation tools have been redesigned.
    • All now have report navigation at the top
    • There’s now a new Custom Documentation tool which allows you to select specific report objects (i.e. Database Tables) to document
    • All documentation tools now also have a chevron that appears after generating the report which when clicked will allow you to rerun the tool with different criteria without having to go back and forth with the main portal
  • The profile preferences have been updated, removing the popup dialog
  • Change Data Source tool will be the first in the Modify tools section. We’ve heard your feedback and know how important this tool is for you and how you miss it from the desktop .rpt Inspector. Though it’s not yet ready for this release, we have it already working ODBC DSN sources and will be introducing it for your feedback and testing soon (we hope mid July).

NOTICE: With the upgrade, due to a format change, we will be clearing out all your reports. This will have no impact on your actual reports files, only the report objects and properties we store in the cloud which are used by the tools to document and analyze. And you can quickly and easily add those reports back in.

We are eager to hear your comments and suggestions!