Some compound reports fail to load

I have a couple sets of compound documents (reports with subreports) in English, Spanish and Tagalog. The English one loads and maps ODBC ok, but the other 2 fail to load.

The only real difference between them is the Spanish and Tagalog ones have transparent subreport overlays (the little subreport boxes along the right side) needed to make the English subtitles work.


Can you clarify what you mean by load? Do you mean that only 1 of the reports is added to the list of reports using the main portal’s Add button? Or do you mean that while processing those 3 reports on the Change Data Source tool, 1 successfully changes the ODBC DSN but the other two fail to change?

So that we can compare the different between these 3 reports and investigate what is happening and why in hopes of fixing it, would it be possible for your to send us these 3 reports? We don’t need the report data (and please don’t send it to us by doing a save without data), just the report templates.

To clarify, during the Add process, the English report loads, but the other 2 give the following error in the failed processing dialog:
[unknown] C:\DaVita CR\MasterReport (Patient Registration Packet)\HHD_Consent_Packet_Spanish.rpt
[unknown] C:\DaVita CR\MasterReport (Patient Registration Packet)\HHD_Consent_Packet_Tagalog.rpt

A zip of these 3 reports was sent yesterday. This is a small set.The large set has 37 subreports (and 37 transparent overlay subreports.) They’re simple reports (printable signature forms actually) with only a few data fields.

@petergruenbeck did the new test broker (as noted here: Some compound reports fail to load) resolve it for you?

Excellent. The reports loaded and I was able to remap the ODBC connections. Thanks. :+1::+1::+1:

As a wild guess, those reports have sub reports that don’t include database queries

Thanks for the clarification. If it’s failing during the Add reports process then it’s likely failing to analyze one of the objects and/or its properties.

We’ve received the reports (thank you) and awaiting an available developer to be assigned for review. Will likely be on Monday or Tuesday so please give us a little time and as soon as I have more info I’ll keep you updated here.

:clap: glad that resolved it and thanks for your testing and confirmation. We expect to roll out that fix by end of the week.

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Thanks, we did get the reports. Though I haven’t tested it thoroughly yet, I do think I know what’s happening and believe it’s a bug you’ve stumbled on. In the 2 failing reports, you have a subtitle subreport which has no database object and the moment it tries to parse that object and its properties it errors out and fails on the entire report. Though I didn’t check further, so it’s possible other subreports have same. Will be able to spend more time with it early next week if someone else doesn’t get to it sooner as it’s still in our queue for review.

@petergruenbeck we’ve confirmed the issue is in fact as @adam_s suspected related to the sub-reports that don’t have a database is causing the issue. Will have an updated broker for you to test in a couple days.

@petergruenbeck, we’ve resolved the issue in our testing build and I’ve sent you a PM with details on how to download it. Please uninstall the existing broker you have installed before installing this test build and try adding your reports again. Let us know if this resolves it for you as well.