Selection not preserved on returning to main page

**Broker version

Please tell us about your environment where the Broker is running:

  • Operating System:
    WIndows 7 x32

  • Is this running in a virtual machine:

    • If answered yes above, which virtual machine environment and version:

Please tell us about your environment where the Web Browser is running:

  • Operating System:
    Windows 7x32

  • Browser kind and version:
    Chrome 63

  • Crystal Reports version:

Current behavior:

  1. Select All on the Main Portal Page, then unselect the reports you don’t want to process
  2. Switch to the ODBC page and select All to get the counts.
  3. Return to the main page to select or deselect some reports you missed
  4. All the reports are selected again so you have to start over with selecting.

Expected behavior:

The screens should remember which reports were selected to be transferred to the ODBC page.

Just a wild guess what its doing here:
its remembering which check boxes were selected, but on returning to the Main Portal page, the report records have a different sort order so the wrong reports are selected.

No, it should remember the ones you selected on the main portal. Selecting the ODBC source(s) you want to modify on the Change Data Source tool page should have no impact on the reports you originally selected on the main portal.

How did you return to the main portal? Did you click on the browser’s back button or did you click on the Return to Main Portal link at the top of the tools of the side navigation menu?

I always use the Return to Main Portal button, never Back.

We were unable to reproduce the issue. However several updates to the main portal page were made and perhaps the issue is now resolved? Please logout, clear your cache, and log back in to try again. Please let us know if this resolved the issue for you and if yes, mark the response as an accepted solution.

Still broken. Steps:

  1. Load some reports.
  2. Select 1 report (say the 3rd one down)
  3. Go to ODBC, select the report an run the change process.
  4. Return to main page and see what report is selected.

Followed exact steps a couple times with different reports Added, Removed, Added back on different systems and browsers. Sorry, can’t reproduce. :frowning:

Please close this issue with thanks. I’m no longer able to reproduce it either.