.rpt Inspector Online - Broker 0.6.5 released

Please make sure you download and update (uninstall prior version first!) to this version to enable the new functionality introduced below. 0.6.5 is now the minimum required version!

Change summary:

  • Added Crystal Reports Change Data source support for OLE DB. Supporting the following OLE DB providers:
    • SQL Server
      • SQLNCLI11
      • SQLNCLI10
      • SQLNCLI
      • SQLOLEDB
      • Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0
      • MSDAORA
    • Oracle
      • OraOLEDB.Oracle
    • MySQL
      • MySQLProv
    • PostgreSQL
      • PostgreSQL OLE DB Provider
    • Need an additional provider supported? Please contact us with the connection string and additional details about your provider (i.e. database version, manufacturer) and we’ll be happy to work with you in adding support for it.
  • Added Crystal Reports convert driver during change data source, making this a Crystal Reports Change Database tool now. This is supported for both ODBC and OLE DB.
  • Added Crystal Reports verify database during change data source. This is supported for both ODBC and OLE DB.
  • Improved ODBC change data source