Report with no data source cannot be processed

.rpt Inspector Online Broker Version:

Please tell us about your environment where the Broker is running:

  • Operating System:
    Windows [7]

  • Is this running in a virtual machine:

    • If answered yes above, which virtual machine environment and version:

Please tell us about your environment where the Web Browser is running:

  • Operating System:
    Windows [7]

  • Browser kind and version:
    Version 64.0.3282.167 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  • Crystal Reports version:
    Crystal Reports 2008

Current behavior:

select report. Run impact analysis or Used/Unused fields. It just runs forever. Stays on the spinning dots indefinitely. Other actions work. The report that causes this behavior has no data source. I didn’t actually need to analyze this report , it just happened to be in a folder with other reports and I selected them all. Leaving this report out leads to normal behavior. Selecting it on its own or with other reports causes endless processing.
Expected behavior:

It would come back with no data source message or just no fields used or unused.

@Grazzhoppa can you email this report to us for investigation?

Thanks for the sample report. We’ve reproduced the issue and are working on a fix.

This should now be resolved. Please give it another try, for reports that contain no data source it will display now 0 tables found in report similar to:

No Data Source

Works now. Thank you.