ODBC selected Reports list needs to be sortable

For processing batches of reports, the ODBC list of selected Reports needs to be sortable. The order of the reports presented is not alphabetical, but jumbled, which makes it hard to identify any reports you might have missed/extra selecting for processing.

The list of reports in the tools is sorted based on the order that was selected on the main portal. By default, the main portal list is sorted by the date Added column.

There are currently no plans to implement sorting of the Change Data Source tool’s report(s) list.

However, you can sort the reports on the main portal by any of the columns, then if you select top to bottom, that order will be preserved on the Change Data Source tool.

Just tried it using Name and Author which should produce different sort orders in ODBC, but its always on name order in ODBC. Original order was not name (date added perhaps), and name sort did produce name order in ODBC.