Inviting a friend - not functional?

The Invite a Friend dialog on this page appears not functional in Chrome on Ubuntu.
Do I have to have the broker running and do this from a Windows box for this to work?

Some of our developers are on Ubuntu and use both Chrome and Firefox so we do routinely also test on Ubuntu. So no, for the profile / preferences there’s no need for the broker to be running nor should you need to be on Windows for that to work. Can you elaborate on what specifically isn’t working there and/or what you’re seeing (or not seeing)?

In Windows the Preferences and Invite A Friend work with or without the broker running. In Ubuntu, it looks like the Javascript may be erring or hanging as no info is displayed. The exact sequence from a new browser tab was:

  1. Log in to (the broker warning appears)
  2. Select User-Preferences
  3. Refresh the page to get rid of the broker warning
  4. Data is not filled.

After some fiddling with F12 developer tools, it suddenly worked until a new session was initiated.

[Screen shot Ubuntu Chrome](

Thanks for the steps and screenshot. Though I can’t reproduce it consistently, I do see it happening and it’s the same reason as in your screenshot. Notice in your screenshot that top right doesn’t show your username for the logged in user dropdown. It’s definitely a bug that you’re experiencing and I’ve spoken to development who confirmed they are aware of it and it’s been resolved and once it makes it through QA, that and additional performance tweaks they’ve been working on for the past month will improve the frontend and server should be making it’s way in about 2 weeks time.

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