In a report that has subreports, the main report parameters are showing as unused

I have a report that consists of a main report and 9 sub reports. When I run the unused parameter report, the parameters from the main report show as unused.

This does not seem to happen when the report does not have subreports.

We haven’t been able to reproduce this behavior. We’d like to test it with the report(s) that you’re encountering this issue with to analyze further.

Thanks for providing the report for further analysis. Not saying this is the reason - but looks like 3 parameters on the parent report come from a stored procedure – can you confirm if that is correct?

@crman following up on this issue. Please confirm the request below.

As we’ve not heard back from you in the past week, we’re closing this issue. Please open a new issue and provided the above requested information should this continue to be an issue for you.