I filled out the trial form during download for .rpt Inspector Professional Suite or .rpt Inspector Enterprise Suite but did not receive an install key. Now what?

You’ve filled out the trial form during download but did not receive an install key. Why? What can you do about it?

An install key is automatically e-mailed to the e-mail address you provided when you filled out the trial form. You should typically receive this install key in your e-mail by the time your download completes (this varies by speed of your connection and mail servers – but on average it should be only a few minutes before you receive this key in e-mail).

If you are sure that you provided a valid e-mail address, and you’ve waited at least half an hour (in case of congestion, etc.), then this means that your mail server blocked our e-mail (perhaps your admin allows only servers they know about, or your admin subscribes to unregulated spam blocking services that block servers at will, etc.).

In this case, if you send us an e-mail, we will have no way of responding to you via e-mail. You must either provide us with an e-mail address that we can respond to (one that you know is not configured with any kind of blockers), or provide us your telephone contact information.