Formulas in Section Suppress logic are missing from Full Documentation and Diff

In our RPT files, we often do use the “Formula” feature on the Suppress logic of a Section, to conditionally suppress it or not based on report data. When I load one of those RPT files into the Inspector Online tool, and do a Full Documentation list on it, the “Suppress” element for that Section still just says “false”. It makes no mention of the formula. I loaded two RPTs that differed from each other only in the formula on a section Suppress. I ran a Diff on the two RPTs, and the Diff did detect that the data elements used in those formulas were used a different number of times, but the Diff did not detect that the formulas themselves were different, and gave me no way to know where the actual difference in the reports existed. Am I doing something wrong, that these section suppress formulas are not being evaluated for me?

@markcongdon thank you for your feedback. The way Crystal Reports exposes that information is a little funky.

We don’t currently show you whether there is a formula associated to an enabled suppressed section. Is that something you’re interested in seeing?

However, we do show you whether the section is suppressed. See screenshots below, I created a test report and enabled suppress on the Page Header so if you navigate the documentation over to the Page Header a and then look at the Section Format > Common you’ll note that Supress (No Drill-Down) does in fact show correctly in the first screen shot. The second screenshot, show the other enabled suppress flags on the section I did as a second update save.

screenshot #1:

screenshot #2:
.rpt Inspector Online - Full Documentation - Section Suppress additional

Thank you for the information! Yes, it would be very helpful for me to be able to see those formulas, and not just on Section Suppress logic, but on any of the settings fields throughout the RPT where those formulas can be set. Even if the formula wasn’t included in that part of the listing, but had its own section, or was listed with the formulas or something, that would allow me to do diffs between reports, which is the main use case for me and my team.

@markcongdon thanks for your feedback, we’re always looking for ways to make the tools more useful and have added this to our roadmap. We generally prioritize features based on feedback and customer requests.