Does .rpt Inspector Professional Suite or .rpt Inspector Enterprise Suite support Native drivers?

My connectivity uses Native Drivers. Does .rpt Inspector support this?

Unlike Crystal Reports, .rpt Inspector does not require connectivity for the majority of actions that you’ll perform. You can make changes to the various properties without connectivity because your are modifying the report template. However, if you’d like to see a preview, that requires combining the template with data and that is when we need to make a connection to your database. The other time we need connectivity is when working with the data source / database wizard, as we must be able to connect to the destination for the process to work.

.rpt Inspector 1 (all builds)
Supported only ODBC connections to generate a preview. And the Datasource wizard only supports ODBC connections as well. However, if an ODBC connection requires a password, this version of .rpt Inspector does not prompt for one. The work around has been to establish a connection to the data source outside of .rpt Inspector first.

.rpt Inspector 2 Professional Suite (all builds)
Full support for ODBC / OLE DB / Native DB2 / Native Informix / Native Oracle / Native SQL Server / Native Sybase. When making connections to a database that requires authentication, you will be prompted for a user ID and password.

.rpt Inspector 3 Professional Suite (all builds) and .rpt Inspector 3.1 Enterprise Suite
In addition to above supported connectivity methods of previous versions, added DAO support for Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel.