Change Data Source - sort order for box 3 Select DSN

I added some new ODBC DSNs and refreshed the page, but there are not sorting alpha order, but perhaps by create date?

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That’s correct. They are listed in the order that they were created which is what the ODBC manager API is returning to us. Would it be more useful to you if they you had control to sort them? And would you want them to default to be sorted in alpha numeric order?

@petergruenbeck following up on:

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Not a bug (current design), moved to feature request. Agree sorting is helpful. Do respond to @adam_s questions for clarifications and assuming it’s only the DSN name column you’re interested in?

This category supports topic voting which means you can vote for this feature request if you agree and would like this feature too and we’d love others to vote on this and offer your input.

Yes, I think people have come to expect columnar lists have all columns sortable and sometimes filtered. Alpha sort would make more sense than date order, especially as the date is not shown.

We’ve changed the control used and you can now change the sort order and since you can only select 1 DSN destination, the checkboxes are gone. Oh and filtering is supported too. This should be part of our frontend update that’s planned by end of week.

@petergruenbeck sorry it took us a couple extra days, but the frontend changes are now published. You’ll notice we’ve improved the main portal’s grid. Now sub-reports are shown as children under the main report and we should you on the title bar how many total reports vs sub-reports have been added. On the Change Data Source tool, now can do select all and sort the DSNs. More details and screenshots will be posted soon. Let us know what you think of the changes.

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:ok_hand: thanks this is helpful feedback and will discuss internally to see what’s possible with the treegrid control that’s currently being used.