Change Data Source - Box 3 Select DSN sneaky scroll bar

If you have more than about 6 DSNs, a sneaky scroll bar is available at the right side, but its very faint (ok, so I’m getting old) and does not always react timely to a mouse-over (but I’m still quick).

I have some 200 reports to migrate so I’m recommend opting for production workflow efficiency vs UI coolness.

The scrollbars have been redone and both on the main portal and the Change Data Source you should now have an easier time with them.

An update to the servers was made a few minutes ago. Please logout, clear your cache, and log back in to try again. Please let us know if this resolved the issue for you and if yes, mark the response as an accepted solution.

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Though personally I’d rather see the scrollbar all the time, would that be preferred by you as well?

And if that can’t be done, would it help if the scrollbar was wider?

Just leave it up all the time if you can.

This UX trend toward poor contrast, faint colors, tiny fonts and sneaky controls is hard on ̶o̶l̶d̶ experienced devs like me.

If you leave your mouse (hover) over the area of the scroll bar, it will automatically show a wider version of the scroll bar which should make scrolling easier. This was done to get a little more room for the width of the grid without having to use that space for a scroll bar all the time.

Can you spot the scroll bar?

Its 4 pixels by 8 pixels on my screen which is 1920 x 1080. The color shade difference is less than 20% from 0xcf to 0xfc (0x26 difference).

This UI color scheme would probably not be Section 508 complaint for accessibility.

Found 2 tools that may help: