Broker 0.6.9 uploading even 1 report takes forever

uploading even 1 report seems to not work. I had the 0.6.7 version and that kept bombing so i found your .06.9 and the bombing went away (yay) but now i cannot move to the next step which is upload a single report… it just sits at processing reports 1/1 and spins. no progress bar, no % uploaded nothing.
I am working from home there is no corporate firewall to worry about etc.

{log removed}

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Current behavior:

just trying to upload reports from a folder
Expected behavior:

that it does not take years to upload reports?

@richard.roy sorry to hear that you’re running in to this issue. The team has been making infrastructure changes over the weekend and a few yesterday which may have caused this issue.

Please try again today to see if that’s what it was. Please logout from the web portal and the broker, then login to the web portal and then the web broker and try again.

Let us know if things have cleared up, and if not we’d like to schedule a screen sharing session (we’ll send details via DM once we hear back from you) with you to evaluate further.

no change. it bombs right away after selecting the report(s) to upload once it tries to start the upload process. The broker bombs that is, then the web page tells me the broker is off line (of course it is because it bombed lol) but yeah…2 events in the event log hope they help

{log removed}

Please review the details sent you in a DM for doing the screen share to review your environment and assist you further.