Option to select all reports in Folders and Sub folders with a single click

At present, I have over 5591 reports to inspect all in different folder and subfolders. In order to select them all, I have to individually open every folder and subfolder and select them all. Ideally, I would just like to be able to select a folder and then for the online tool to then select all the reports in that folder and subfolders without me having to tick each report individually. I can’t even press shift and mouse click to select a range from one folder. I am using the Latest version of Chrome.

For example, I have the following folder Structure:

Work\Sites\ > multiple subfolders containing reports
Work\Reports > Multiple subfolders containing reports

Ideally, I would like to be able to select the ‘Work’ folder and for all the reports in folders and subfolders to then be selected automatically. Provided of course I can upload 5,591 reports in one go.

:+1: Great request and a feature that’s on our roadmap. Requests like these are very helpful and help us prioritize, so keep them coming. :handshake:

A related feature we also plan on adding, may be of interest: Tags based on .rpt Inspector desktop playlists concept.

No limit on adding reports. But that many will surely take some time to add, especially if they have saved data (though we don’t send your data, it just takes the broker longer to open the report for processing).

If all those reports are for using the Save without Data tool, as we were designing that tool we were considering adding an option to make changes to reports directly.

Meaning within the Save without Data tool, there would be a toggle, if selected, you would see a reports lists, much like the one you see when you add reports. This way you wouldn’t need to spend the time first adding the reports (which analyzes the objects and properties).



Glad to hear this is in the pipeline. I did try to upload 300 reports today but the broker kept logging me out, it may be down to my proxy I use, so will try without a proxy and right next to my router.

The main and only reason for the upload would be to remove the saved data. A feature to change the reports on the fly without the need to upload and do it in bulk would save me hours of work. I would even donate money for this feature, or donate money to a chsen charity of yours.


Thanks for the confirmation. We’ll work on getting that implemented.