Download Failed Certificate required

I can’t seem to get past the installation. It keeps giving me an error saying Download Failed: A Certificate is required to complete authentication.

How do I get this?

@pcgilrl sorry to hear that you’re having a problem installing the .rpt Inspector Online Broker. Can you please confirm from where are you downloading as well as the version of Windows that you’re trying to run install on? Any screenshot would also be helpful.

Thank you for reporting this issue!!

We’ve setup a clean Windows 10 environment, downloaded the current .rpt Inspector Online Broker, version 0.6.7 and followed the installation procedure and happy to report that we were able to duplicate the issue you encountered: Download failed: A certificate is required to complete client authentication was shown while it was trying to download additional files, as indicated in the screen shot below and as reported by you:

After additional review and investigation, we have determined that this error happens if you don’t already have installed the required SAP Crystal Reports .NET Runtime version 13.0.23 or higher (as noted here: .rpt Inspector Online - Broker 0.6.7 released) on your system. As part of the .rpt Inspector Online Broker installation, it will automatically attempt to download and install this minimum runtime provided by SAP and it is failing while trying to connect to the SAP site to download the file because it seems that the SAP download location for that file has changed and the SAP site is redirecting to some other location which is throwing this error.

We will release an updated installation that will resolve this problem early next week.

If there are other users which are experiencing the same issue while installing the .rpt Inspector Online Broker, please contact us and we’ll provide you with steps on to how to manually download and install the required Crystal Reports runtime which will then allow you to successfully install the .rpt Inspector Online Broker. This is only necessary if you do not wish to wait until the new installation is released.

@pcgilrl thank you for reporting this issue.

Pleased to inform you and others that may have encountered this issue that a new .rpt Inspector Online Broker 0.6.9 has just been released which should resolve this issue.