Crystal Server report version list

Is it possible for the broker to connect to a Crystal Server so report versions can be retrieved?

Use case: You have 200 reports in multiple environments like Dev, QA, PreProd and Prod and you want to get reports to a spreadsheet for the date stamps each report has off the server to ensure everything is synced.

Problem: Using the Crystal Management Console, you have to visit each report properties and write down the dates.

Not yet. :slight_smile:

Our goal and priority is to first fold in the main features of the desktop .rpt Inspector Professional Suite in to .rpt Inspector Online. Then we’ll add support of also connecting to and opening / saving reports (and more) from the Crystal Server / BusinessObjects Enterprise / BusinessObjects BI Platform like .rpt Inspector Enterprise Suite does.

We already support Change Datasource, Formula editor will be released shortly, Parameter editor is in development, and Objects editor (viewing / modifying fonts, colors, size, etc. of the objects used in the design of the report) is in development.