Broker download reports dangerous download from McAfee

Trying to restart using this product. When it starts it says the broker is offline but when I attempt to download the broker, McAfee blocks the download?

The report is from McAfee Web Advisor. Virus definitions updated automatically.

What is going on here?

@armplinker We’ve filed the report and sent several requests to McAfee to follow up but all we’ve received is silence. Unlike Symantec and Kaspersky who were very prompt to respond and address the false positive as noted in the other such known report we’re not sure what the status is. Are you able to test with whatever the most latest definitions are? I’m hopeful they at least received our report and may have addressed it without any response.

@armplinker after several additional follow-ups, we did finally receive a response that they’ve confirmed the false positive and the next definition update will have the correction.

@armplinker Thanks for letting us know. Not familiar with this particular service. The last report we received of a false positive (a bad virus definition that falsely identifies something that is perfectly fine as having a virus) was last July (Rptinspectoronlinebroker_0_6_2.exe reported as false positive) and after we contacted the software manufacturer, it took them a couple days and they did fix their false positive definitions. Looks like we’ll need to do that again. :frowning:

Please let me know the definition details (screenshot might be helpful) and version of that service so we can provide those details when we reach out to them.

@armplinker we sent a request to McAfee to look into the false positive and await their response.