Another doubling up on ODBC report list

Caught another instance of duplicates in the ODBC mapping list. This time, I’d loaded 2 reports with “Overwrite” from the main panel to refresh them after an edit

Since the Inspector knows if a file has changed or not, you have a couple of opportunities to make a helpful user inferface:
Main Portal:

  1. Flag the reports in the list which are out of date and need to be reloaded
  2. Provide a button function to automatically reload those from the same place as last time
  3. Automatically select Overwrite

Analyzer and Datasource mapping lists:

  1. Disable the reports from being selected until they are reloaded.

Great ideas!! We’ve actually discussed some of this internally and with our initial focus group users. But have opted for now not to pursue it to focus on other areas as we work on feature parity to the desktop tools.

It would require that there be either a mechanism to periodically scan the reports to know that they’ve changed or a mechanism to monitors when they changed. Which is why for now we rely user intervention.

Same here as above. For now, until you interactively initiate an add with overwrite, we don’t know which reports changed. But once (at some future point) we have an automated mechanism that will be possible.

To confirm the steps, you had existing reports added and you:

  1. Added two reports on the main portal
    Those reports were already previously added so you selected the Overwrite reports options in the add dialog
  2. The reports grid on the main portal showed everything correctly - there were no duplicate reports showing
  3. You selected those 2 reports on the main portal, then clicked on the Change Data Source tool
  4. When you selected the ODBC connectivity, the reports under step 2 showed as doubles?

A new occurrence of this today:

  1. Start with a set of reports loaded.
  2. Use the ODBC mapping function
  3. Back on the main port load with overwrite the same reports
  4. Back to the ODBC mapping function.

We’ve duplicated the issue. When reports are added, we calculate a unique signature for each report. When you make a change to the report, such as with the Change Data Source tool, the report’s unique signature changes. It appears that due to a bug, it’s not updating that signature after the Change Data Source tool is run on an existing report. So when you add the report again, even though you have it set to overwrite, since the signatures differ .rpt Inspector Online is treating it as a newly added report instead.

We’re working on a fix and will let you know once it’s available.

BTW, on a report(s) that were added to .rpt Inspector Online, if you then make a change to them outside of .rpt Inspector, since the signatures will now differ, when you add the report with overwrite, you will still get two of the same report(s). This is by design, so you’ll want to first remove such reports, or remove them after the add with overwrite.

@petergruenbeck A fix has been implemented in the just released 0.6.1 broker and server update. Please try it out and let us know if it’s resolved for you as well.

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